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3 answers

Good Microphone to record engine sound (cars and bikes) on track

I'm looking for a nice microphone to record sound of cars and motorcycles on track (from outside). I'm going to put it on this camera: I'm going to ...
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7 answers

Futuristic cars

I’m working on an anticipation movie set in Paris, maybe around 2030. Visually, it will be a blend of real shots of Paris as it is now (Haussmanian architecture, old balconies) and futuristic giant ...
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Big Rubber Tire sound

Hey guys. Any ideas for a rubber tire rolling sound that does NOT have a motor attached to it? I'm designing some of these rolling guys, and i'm going to use rubber on all of them, but i can't get ...
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Hypothetical Question: In-Car Hands Free Microphone - Unlimited Budget - What Would You Do?

Hello, Totally hypothetical question: A wealthy man approaches asks you to design the optimal microphone solution for an in-car hands-free calling system. He has three goals: A: eliminate ...
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1 answer

Steam train onboard recording advice

Anyone with experience recording onboard trains, more specifically steam engines, care to share their advice and or stories? I might get a chance to record on one soon.
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Can you recommend suction-cup microphone holder ?

Can you recommend suction-cup microphone holder ? Recording cars etc...
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5 votes
6 answers

Rigging Microphones in Cars

what would one make a microphone rig for a car to record dialogues ? Which microphones are preferable for these situations and why ?
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5 votes
6 answers

Cutting a car chase

Hey all, I've been given an assignment in school to cut the SFX for a car chase and I'm having a hell of a time trying to maintain engine continuity throughout the scene. Anybody have any advice, ...
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12 votes
7 answers

full vehicle coverage

At some point you can have too much coverage of a vehicle, but it takes quite a lot to get there. The question is how much is enough without being too much? Lets assume that we want to put together ...
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recording motorcycle

Hi all In a few weeks the movie I'm working on will be printed, so finally I'll have some time to spend on my projects. I'm planning to record a few motorcycles, this and this and I'm start to ...
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