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4 votes
1 answer

Used Gear / recorders - When is "too old"?

I am in the process of getting a proper rig for sound effects recording and have been looking into buying sound devices gear, either mixpre-d or 722 used. I know they have a reputation of being very ...
0 votes
1 answer

Sound Devices USB pre / vs USB pre 2

I could get a USBpre very cheap. ($120) Are the converters the same quality as the USBpre2? Is it worth it, or should i save for the USBpre2 instead? thanks, John.
5 votes
6 answers

Where do you shop for used gear?

I'm always looking for bargains on mics, recorders, etc. But there must be more to life than Craigslist and eBay?! Where do you shop for those killer deals?
5 votes
6 answers

Finding Used Equipment

Hello folks. I am looking to do some major upgrades on my kit, specifically my microphone. I have been looking for a used Sanken CS-3e. However, beyond eBay, my search hasn't been fruitful. I was ...