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How would you design the sound of a submersible propeller?

POST-MORTEM: Using a variety of tools and manipulating them underwater while recording with a 3 different pairs of hydrophones (for a total of 6 different perspectives) yielded truly wonderful results!...
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Stereo Hydrophone Technique

I've got a stereo pair of JrF hydrophones which I've not used very much, other than just testing them out around the house. I'm planning a trip to the coast in a week or so and want to give them a ...
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Using condom over mic for underwater recording

I've heard that using a condom over a mic is a good cheap way to record underwater. My question is, to have it tightly wrapped over the mic or have an air pocket?
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Underwater Convolution IRs?

Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get a free or cheap decent underwater or 'river' IR? In the past I have loaded the sound of a stone being dropped in water as my IR but I want to see if there's a ...
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submerging/emerging from water

Hi, Total newbie to sound design as its a new module im taking at university, so please bear with me :-) Basically, I'm looking to recreate the sound of a first person perspective(?) of someone ...
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Underwater Worldizing

Just for fun, are there any die-hard audiophiles out there that have tested and experimented with underwater worldizing? I was clacking together large rocks at the bottom of the ocean a while back ...
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How to make a voice sound like it is underwater?

The goal is to alter the sound of voice so it sounds as the listener is underwater or in the womb. I've got some experience with Audacity, so I'm most interested in how to do it using Audacity. And ...
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Waterproof covering for microphones

So, this is kind of an embarrassing question as it alway seems to raise eyebrows. I'm looking at trying out some underwater recording and I'm looking to find out your recommendations as to which ...
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"Underwater" sound tricks!? How do you make it sound underwater-y

Hey folks, You can skip the italicized section if you're in a hurry - that's background for the question. I'm working on the second iteration of an art game. It's a cool project, you should check it ...
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Hydrophone Recording

Hey Folks, I have to record a variety of underwater movement and I'm in the process of doing some experimentation. I currently own 2 dolphin ear pros, but I'm not totally happy. I'm wondering if ...
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