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Regular collaboration with a post studio: how much should I charge and how? UK rates

I will be soon starting to collaborate on a regular basis with a post studio based in another country. The job is clear: I will be mostly working on Foley, Dialogue and Backgrounds on 10 episodes for ...
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Where to study advanced sound design? More inside

I am Sid and I am a Sound Editor/Designer/Recordist from India. I have been working on movies in India for about 3 years and have recently completed some major mainstream cinema films. I do ...
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Need help with frequencies in the UK

I'm recording in London next week. All my wireless systems run from 500.00-560.000. Will I have any problems in that area of the UK with these frequencies?
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Queen's Jubilee Celebrations

Thought I'd just send out a request to any UK-based SSDs who might be thinking of recording the atmosphere of the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations this weekend. From what I've heard, there'll be street ...
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UK Sonic Art / Electronic Music Festivals

Sorry if this is a little off topic... Does anyone in the UK know of or attend any Sonic Art and/or Electronic music festivals? I've heard of a few myself but am looking to experience more. I know ...
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where to buy Blocks of dry Ice in the UK

Does anyone know where its possible to buy blocks of dry ice in the uk? Tried google but want to make sure Im not purchasing something useless
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(UK) Sidestepping into film sound... a possibility?

I've been working in audiobooks for a little over ten years and, to be frank, I've had my fill. There's also the matter of cash flow. The family pot seems to have a hole in it and my career is going ...
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Would you guys help me with a uni project by answering a few questions?

Questionnaire I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to fill in this short questionnaire. I am collecting data for primary research to be used within a project at university. ...
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