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0 votes
3 answers

Do any sound designers who specialize solely in UI sound for products (apps, wearables, etc) exist?

Are there any sound designers who only work at composing/producing sound for products such as digital applications, wearables, home electronics, appliances, etc., or is it too small of a market for ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Designing earcons for the web - mainly notifications

I have come up with a task of creating ear-cons for a website I am currently working on. I have never worked in the music / sound industry so I think this could be a challenge! What things should I ...
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0 votes
8 answers

Using synthesis to create musical HUD / UI / interface sounds

I've read a few questions about creating HUD / UI / interface sounds and a lot of them discuss using snippets of audio as a starting point. That makes sense from the standpoint of button presses, ...
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2 votes
9 answers

User Interface (website) sound design

I may soon be making my first foray into designing sound for a website user interface. I'd be interested to hear some tips and experiences from those that have done this before. How do you strike a ...
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