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Where can I find an Audio project file from feature film as an example?

I'm an independent filmmaker, and I'm trying to improve my sound design skills for my next project. Have any of you come across a post or a website where a sound designer has uploaded an audio project ...
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Any good quality neuro and reese bass tutorials [massive, FM8, Serum]

Do you have any links of quality for neuro and reese bass sounds tutorials. here is an example of neuro sound: here is a reese bass example: ...
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Topics to be covered in a sound design video tutorial?

I am currently preparing a sound design video tutorial for cinema and games (in french) that would last around 5 hours. According to you, which subject should not be forgotten ? What would you expect ...
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Reaktor tutorials/book recommendations?

I've just bought reaktor and i'm looking for some tutorials to get started, can anyone recommend some videos or a book? I don't mind paying for one of the online video tutorials around but i wanted to ...
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KONTAKT scripting - Tutorials & videos

I would really like to learn kontakt scripting. can anybody suggest books or dvds based on basic kontakt scripting as i have no knowledge in scripting or coding in general. Any help is much ...
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Where can I find good before and after sound samples for learning eq, compression, mixing?

Where can I find good before and after sound samples for learning eqing, compression, mixing or even mastering? Would be great if there are detailed explanations to each mixing action.
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Beginners / Advance ebook and video toturial on sound engineer

I am actually new the process of being a sound engineer, and i have been managing event like birthdays but i still need some tutorial that will guide me to an advance level. Please any help will be ...
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Learning JavaScript with sound design techniques?

Another poster started some wonderful tutorials ( along the lines of what I'...
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Jim Stout videos [closed]

There are a bunch of videos of Jim stout's tutorials from his Designing sound segment a while back. Does anyone know what that dude's up to? He seems to be off the map. Would have loved to see if he ...
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Building ambience

Are there any good tutorials videos that can help me build ambience and a whole environment . Thanx
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how did they create this specific voice

hello friends, please give attention to my question, i need to finish my project. just now i post this question but the video didnt work well now i edit again and posted. how did they change leonardo ...
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Any Tips for a Newbie on Looping?

I find it really hard to make short sounds longer in length, I don't know if this was a good idea but I was trying to take a bike by and make sound like a bike engine that's constantly running. Also I ...
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Working with an EDL, what?

So this is my first time working with an EDL. I was wondering how exactly you can import it into Pro Tools (can you?) and if not, how do you get the thing to do what you want so it does the thing ...
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Game Audio for beginners

Hi! Do you guys have anything to recommend in terms of tutorials for game audio? I was searching through the web and could only find a very small smount of info about UDK, pretty much nothing ...
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Tutorials: Sonnenschein's Webinar vs Nick's Tutorials - Thoughts?

This was initially posted on Gearslutz, but I think it's more appropriate here. I'm looking to purchase a package of tutorials. I've read D. Sonnenschein's book twice and watched his free, ...
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