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making a mashup of two songs with different BPM

in this mashup I tried to combine two songs, one that is BPM 99 and one that is BPM 104, I would like to know, was this effect moderated by the slicing and placements that I made? Maybe someone ...
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The Best of Simple Ideas

Have you ever had one of those moments discussing workflow, processing, or what have you...where someone mentions something that's such a painfully simple concept, you wonder why you never thought of ...
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Animal Fox, bear, mouse footsteps and "cloth" recording

Hey guys! I am in my final term at Vancouver Film School and working on my final piece. With that I am trying to find good sounds for tiny and big animal footsteps. I've currently used the "Rode NTG3" ...
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Ways to Learn More/Practice Mixing for a Newbie

I've heard a lot of people say "If you want to work in post-sound you should pick what role you want to do like sound editing, designing or mixing and focus on that." as much as I'd like to do all of ...
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How do you 'cleanse the pallet'?

Hello all, So I'm just finishing up the last of a children's series, and getting ready to move on to a cool little indie feature. My question is this: What tricks/techniques do you use to clear your ...
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Any Tips for a Newbie on Looping?

I find it really hard to make short sounds longer in length, I don't know if this was a good idea but I was trying to take a bike by and make sound like a bike engine that's constantly running. Also I ...
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Audio Illusions

So far I have only come across Shepard-Risset Glissando. Does anyone know more audio illusions/tricks which boggle human brain? Recently I came up with an applied version of Shepard-Risset tone by ...
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Low bitrate pitfalls

Hi Guys, I'm working on some sounds for a website, and space is at a premium. The company have told me they usually compress stuff down to around 16kbps to enable the sounds to stream efficiently. ...
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