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2 answers

SCAD - Graduate Sound Design Program

Does anyone have any thoughts about the Savannah College of Arts and Design Graduate Sound Design program. It looks like the program had a good, rounded curriculum which could help train me for future ...
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2 answers

Ear training software

I recently discovered, which is a website for ear training for audio engineers (EQ specifically). The concept is easy; You listen to some modified audio, and you have to tell what ...
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3 answers

how to link audio in and out of several computers together for network training

I want to design and build a device which will take the audio output of several computers ,i.e. a mixer, and feed that output back to the audio inputs of all those computers. The result would be an ...
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1 answer

Training material for sound effects editing / foley

Does anybody know of free training material for sound effects and foley? What I'm thinking of is a movie clip in a proper format for editing, with a separate music track and vocal track provided as ...
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4 answers

looking for training / sound design studies

Hi ! Maybe this question is a little out of place here, but this forum is maybe a way to get out of established trails... I'm studying sound design in France in an art school, along with Ircam in ...