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4 answers

Recording Dialogue in a tunnel

I will be recording on-location sound for a movie in a few weeks. There is a scene with dialogue that takes place in a car that is parked on the side of a very busy street inside of a tunnel (there ...
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Fascinating! The buzzing bridge in Lisbon

Hello group! May be one of you has once already heard this intense buzzing sound coming from this bridge. I hope you like the audiovisual stuff I posted in FB. On ...
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2 votes
2 answers

REQUEST: Archival recordings of metropolitan cities and traffic

Hello all, and happy new year! I'm searching for 1930's to 1950's-era traffic and urban recordings from (preferably) individual or boutique libraries (read: not Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge, all the ...
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REQUEST: Walk sign chirps

Hi everyone! Does anyone happen to have a recording of the walk sign chirps that I can do a sound trade for? I could go out and do a rogue recording late at night but I though it would be best to ...
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7 answers

How far from traffic should you be to get a clean nature recording?

How far away must you go to get a clean recording? I'm planning on recording some nature ambiences and want to know what people's experiences are.
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