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sound request:modern prison doors and buzzers

Hi all, I'm currently working on a film that has a few prison scenes and my prison contact may not be able to get me in to a proper facility to record my own stuff in time, so I'm sending up a flare ...
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3 answers

Anyone have a Taser recording?

I'm working on a pro-bono project for a friend and I need some Taser sounds tonight. Anywhere I could buy one right now is closed. I'm foreseeing it might be a little difficult to synthesize them and ...
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1 answer

wisconsin protests

anyone recording these? I'd be willing to trade some of my stuff for any of that. thx!
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13 votes
4 answers

SoundSwap - trading sound effects

This isn't really so much of a question as it is a heads up. I've added a new forum to my website called SoundSwap. All it's for is trading sound effects and nothing else. I started thinking about it ...
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