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Can I use a trackball in substitution of a fader to write automation on Pro Tools?

I know I could click on the digital fader of the track in the mix window and write automation that way, but I recently found an app called "AudioSwift" that turns your Trackpad into a multitool "Fader,...
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Looking for a good trackball, comparable to D-Control ES trackball

Hi, Recently I've worked on a D-control ES, which was a real treat. Beautifull and thoughtfull design. Especially the embedded keyboard. trackball and screen arm swing are really great. Ever since ...
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Fader, mouse or trackball?

When you mix, do you prefer using a tangible fader, mouse or trackball? What is most efficient for you? And do you use the mouse like a fader, riding it up and down, or do you just make breakpoints ...
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