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What rig or custom components would help record 360 degrees of stereo audio, not unlike human ears in a theatre

I'm interested in recording sound in 360 degrees, and then playing back 180 degrees (or similar to human ears) for an immersive Sound Therapy program for holistic health. Are you aware of any way to ...
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Di-Box, Audio interface or Both for live performances in theatres?

I'm a juggler, selling a circus-musical to theatres in Europe and I have been gradually buying all the equipment that I need to perform with, without borrowing it from each theatre I go to. One issue ...
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Theater Sound Design Audio Editing Software [closed]

I am learning sound design for theater, and currently I am using Adobe Audition CC 2017. I have considered instead trying some of Apple's Pro Apps, particularly Logic Pro X. For general audio editing,...
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What settings Zoom H2n for live theatre

I am using my Zoom H2n recorder for recording live theatre (mostly musicals) for our regional company. It's mostly for the cast/archiving. What is the best settings for H2n WITHOUT patching the ...
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Do I need a sound for this dead body?

The scene is simple. Stereotypical murder mystery mansion situation. Someone opens a closet. A dead body falls out of the closet, make a dull thud. The director is convinced that we need to add a ...
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Best examples of transitioning between non-diegetic to diegetic

I'm putting together a talk on the basics of sound design for theatre and I wanted to grab a short clip demonstrating sound design transitioning from the non-diegetic realm into the conscious of the ...
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3 answers

Sound Walk implementation - anybody with any experience?

I'm designing a soundscape piece that will accompany an outdoor theatre performance. Around 40 audience members will wear headphones and follow the actors around a collection of local streets whilst ...
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Start Charging clients?

Hey all! I have been working with a theater here in Arizona, I started there as an intern for credit, and now that my hours are done, I think its time to start charging them for the time I work for ...
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7 answers

Mic pops with movement, consonants

So I'm working on a musical and about three out of 10 face mics continue to produce pops when the actors move quickly or over-enunciate consonants. Yes I have added wind guards, yes I have lowered ...
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Has switching batteries ever affected your sound?'

My director was wondering if changing batteries (such as switching from regular double A to rechargeable batteries) in a microphone could possibly affect the sound quality. I don't think this would ...
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Dated office sounds (1960's)

I'm sound designing a production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, which is set in the 1960's, and part of the director's vision is to create the ambiance of a beehive. In my ...
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8 answers

How to condition the audience for crying?

Good day, I'm fairly new to the sound design world and to this website so much help will be greatly appreciated. I was recently given the opportunity to score the music and design the soundscape for a ...
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Theater Sound Design Resources

I'm looking for some resources to help me understand the challenges and equipment used in bringing sound design to the theater for plays and musicals. I'm currently using google but if anyone has any ...
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6 answers

Organic Sound Cue Techniques

Hello Sound Designers! I'm currently working on a sound design for a live theatre show. One of the challenges I have is to create a cue that imitates the experience of covering you ears and ...
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