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What approach can I use to replicate the sound texture of the vocals in this song?

I am trying to record some vocals for a song right now, and am trying to replicate the texture that the vocals in a certain song have. The song is called "Not Myself" by Sister Grotto (https://...
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2 answers

Free plugins for making drones and textures?

I want to be able to process audio files or synths to create new drones and textures in Logic Express 9. Anyone has any suggestions of which free plugins are worth a try?
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2 answers

high voltage/arc/tesla sfx texture

if I have to use granular synthesis such as an max msp patch, how would I go about creating high voltage/arc/tesla sfx...I tried loading different industrial material sounds such as plastic and ...
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3 answers

Any Good Ideas With Karplus Strong

do you have any experience with karplus strong and your thoughts on it...what are the good and bads of this algorithm in sound design...any max msp heads out there, do you use this method with ...
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can you help me identify the vintage synths used in this opening of the pilot episode of Dino Riders

the brass sounds at 1:03 into the timeline, are they dx7/roland d-50, synclavier, or maybe fairlight...I recall these sounds from "The Return Of The Living Dead" scenes...any info helps, cheers.
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sound of flour monster

Hello everyone, It's the first time that I ask a question. I apologize for my bad english (I'm french woman sounddesigner). I need to create a flour monster for an animated movie. I used the snow ...
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3 answers

creating a gradual 'frequency unification' effect (or illusion)

hello, i'm working on material with rather rich frequency range. now i've reached a point in the process where i need to design a gradual transparent effect which would make this wide-ranging sonic ...
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3 answers

What term am I looking for?

Hi everyone, sudden thought: is it "textures" I like? I know in the game industry a texture is not different from a texture in CGI, it's just something that covers a certain area (in our case an ...
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