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Templates for Audio Drama

I'm working on an audio skit with voices and sound effects. I'm really new at this, but I've got friends doing separate voice tracks (on their computers) and am tracking down sound-effects. I'm using ...
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Templates for Sound Creation/Design

I am curious what everyone template for creation of sound effects to picture are. I have a good overall "God" Mix template with all the stems and routing and things I need, but I find that when I am ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Water Tight Templates?

Sup peps, Just wanted to discuss the use to templates in an everyday workflow and the pros and cons of working in such a manor... I have recently discovered that its very easy (not to mention fun) ...
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What template do you use for film sound and game sound?

I would like to create a template that will make doing sound for film and games more organized. What type of template setups do you use? I am using pro tools but I don't think the DAW you use matters.
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Exported Region Groups or Sound Packs for TV Sound Designing?

I was sitting in on an ADR session for a television show at an ADR stage the other day and I was talking to the ADR mixer about how Sound Design is different for TV than it is for Movies. He told me ...
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Foley Recording Musts

Saludos a todos! I'm about to be sent as a Foley Recordist in a big movie that landed in the studio where I work. The fact is, I've already gathered some experience in different sound-oriented areas, ...
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Templates and workflow

I'm thinking specifically for pro tools but feel free to chime in if you use another DAW. I'm curious to see how many and what kinds of templates you all have set up for day to day work. Any info or ...
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