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Equipment affected by cold/altitude

A few weeks ago my friends and I hiked up Mt. Marcy, in New York's Adirondack region, so I brought along a 702 to gather any interesting ambience we'd encounter. The peak's only 5,343 ft, but ...
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Question about recording and air temperature.

I've heard that depending on the air temperature, the sound at live gigs will vary in it's harshness and softness. If I remember correctly, the hotter the temperature is, the better the sound will be. ...
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What are the operating temperature limits of microphones?

A question about the operating temperature of various microphones. I went through the manuals and spec sheets for several microphones that I own, and a few others. Almost nowhere I find a ...
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microphone selection to record boiling of water

I want to record boiling sound of water with less surrounding noise and trying to record as much detail it can be . please suggest me an affordable microphone who can does the job and can give me much ...
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