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Neutrik combojack connect to 3.5mm trs jack

Im having a hard time wrapping my head around the neutrik xlr/trs combo jacks and if they can be connected for my usecase . In my rack I have a 3.5mm trs input jack that can be either line or mic ...
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What's the difference between additive and subtractive synthesis?

It seems that most hardware synths use subtractive synthesis techniques, while in the digital realm it's common to see synths that work with different degrees of additive synthesis. What's the ...
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What is the technology used in drum pads?

What's the underlying technology they use in drum pads to register the sound? The thing that takes the kinetic input and creates the signal? Like there is the pad itself that is just a shape made ...
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Have changes in speakers/amps over the last 15 years resulted in objective improvements in sound quality?

I have a stereo that I purchased over 15 years ago(rechecked date), and it's kind of bulky but it sounds great to my ears. Is there any technological improvement that might make a new stereo better ...
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Receiving sound from a startech 7.1 usb external sound card with spdif digital audio drivers

So I installed all the drivers for it but I can't seem to receive sound from it. I'll outline my setup so it'll be easier for someone to help me. I have a female XLR to aux running from my behringer ...
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I have no idea how sound design works [closed]

I hope this is the right place to post this. I have no idea how to develop music using software like lmms. I'm a high school graduate going into entertainment industry. I really love music and ...
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Computer and Tech Sound Textures Inspiration

I'm gauging the "lay of the land" as for as sound synthesis goes, for the purpose of designing new tech-based computer sound textures (think Matrix computer textures only in the bare-bones principal ...
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vocoder challenge

Greetings jedis how would I go about creating a vocoder with just pro tools 9 plugins, can it be done without downloading plugins? I recon it is just a matter of linking an audio track to a midi track ...
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Isolation Transformer

Hello, I am running a Macbook Pro 15" into an edirol USB interface which connects to my Samson Rubicon R6a monitors via XLR. My power supply causes horrible noise in my monitors and i am aware i need ...
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What is the future of recording technologies?

Great strides have been made in the field of sound recording over the last couple of decades. We've seen (in no particular order): Digital recording (both tape and disk based) Multichannel recording ...
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Paradigm Shift - your ideal mobile recording rig

Try not to think of products that already exist. Try to think of what you want the next things to do here. How would your ideal mobile sfx recording rig work? Here's my thought: I think I'd like a ...
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Virtual Instruments in film music composition [closed]

Are the use of virtual instruments in film music composition having a positive negative or both on the overall quality of film music?
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