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What is the technology used in drum pads?

What's the underlying technology they use in drum pads to register the sound? The thing that takes the kinetic input and creates the signal? Like there is the pad itself that is just a shape made ...
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How to clean the needle of a technics 1200 mk2

Sometimes the needle gets dusty, how should I clean it? the way I do it now is just pick away the dust with my fingers, and it seems to work but it doesn't seem professional to clean it with my ...
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2 answers

Seamless looping on a media player / small ipod ?

Hey Folks, I'm helping an artist friend with an exhibition, where we need to be able to loop an audio seamlessly for 3 days. I would normally use Ableton live for this, but the nature of the space ...
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6 answers

How do you deal with technical constraints that limit your creativity?

When you can't seem to figure out how to get your projects and ideas to sound just the way you want it to be.
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5 answers

Video Compression

How do you compress a video so that it is a manageable size for protools? What codec do you recommend and what is a manageable size for LE? The original video is 360 mb and it is 7min color. I can'...
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How many samples are in a frame?

I'm trying to find out the number of samples in one frame of SMPTE, does anybody know?
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4 votes
2 answers

Old Movie Phasing

I have noticed that many older movies (Late 70's and before) shown on tv have a subltle phasing sound that runs thru the entire track. It sounds like maybe the stereo track is being summed or is out ...
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