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Restoring Settings on Akai MPK225 from a MIDI SysEx dump

The Akai MPK225 MIDI master keyboard has a feature that lets me send a current preset configuration as MIDI system exclusive data (GLOBAL > Sysex). Using Bome Send SX, I've successfully received a ...
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6 votes
2 answers

TC electronic g major 1 / sysex

I have a TC Electronic G Major gathering dust for quite some time now. The problem is that due to its heavy use over the years, a lot of knobs etc. are broken. But otherwise the unit works perfectly ...
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1 answer

MIDI SysEx utility for OS X?

I've been using SysEx Librarian for...well, a long time now. It's functional but it's far from friendly and feature reach. Most notably: it's failed to keep up with the massive increase in transmit ...
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What is the most effective way to reverse engineer SysEx format for my old Yamaha CS1x

I have recently put my old Yamaha CS1x back into service and realised that the world has moved on when it comes to the software support for this blue beast. So I was thinking of writing a software ...
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