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Suggestion for microphone / setup for recording noises from neighbors

I'm unlucky enough to have noisy neighbors above me (living in a flat). Yes, I tried talking to them like 10 times, but then I had to involve the landlord who eventually gave them a 1st warning. This ...
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Good voice over software?

I am a Noob and trying to make my first video using quicktime screen recording and iMovies. Somewhere in the video, I need the voice of a child. It is not possible for me to get a real child to record....
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Suggestions for gunshot libraries

Hey folks, i am currently working on a (no)low-budget student short movie project which will be shown on a public event. Unfortunately its a short action sequence. Unfortunately because there is ...
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How do you create the rising cinematic sfx seen in most trailers?

Looking for some help on how to create all types of rising sfx whether it be for action movies or horror movies.
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SSD App Needed?

Hey all, I know there has been multiple threads on having groups on Sound Cloud, Twitter, Poll Surveys, etc... But as SSD has been becoming more populated, I feel like there could be a pretty slick ...
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Research/Investigation into fields of sound design

Hey guys, I have the opportunity to do a project in my final year of my Music Technology course focusing on whatever I like. Given that I'm pursuing a career in sound design (never have guessed huh), ...
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Suggestions on composer/sound designer relationships?

In indie film and theatre alike, there can be a lot of gray area in the middle of sound design and composition, especially if the director doesn't establish specific roles. I would love suggestions ...
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Goddess Voice Mix

I have a task of mixing a female voice to make it sound "Goddess"-like and "Angel"-like and warm and soft and high-endy. Those are pretty much the producer's words. Any tips or hints or any past ...
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Suggestions for books on sound synthesis and electronic music production

Hi, I'm mainly interested in producing electronic music (breakcore, dubstep and so on). I have a decent knowledge of music theory and I can create not-so-bad drum patterns, but when it comes to create ...
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