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Why are there rack strips with both three and two holes per U?

Just about to build a rack for some audio gear, and I'm looking for a suitable rack strip to use. I noticed that there are rack strips with two or three holes per U. Why is this and which is used for ...
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Setting up Home Studio, need advise on setup

I am setting up my home studio (I am mainly a music producer, produce hip hop / trap beats). My present setup is as shown in image 3 which is not giving me the perfect results. I have 2 ideas that is ...
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What's the best way to make my practice room sound better?

I have a practice space in my garage (20' x 20'). It has a Cement floor that I have covered with a few area rugs. I have a drum set, bass, guitar, pa... Initially the drums sounded awful. Lots of ...
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Designing a home-made shooting room [closed]

I am planning to build a "shooting room". I explain myself: I want to reuse a half of an old animal shelter to build a small room (3.5 square meters, 1.7-1.8m height) to store all the ...
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"Super W" neoprene pads for electronic drum decoupling platform?

I am looking to build a platform for my electronic drums to decouple vibrations (mostly from the kick) to the building structure. The 'tennis ball' platform is a recommended DIY solution often found ...
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Security for studio monitors

I hope this is not off topic, but I'm not sure which stack exchange community would be the best place to ask this type of question. I teach music production at a high school and we just bought some ...
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How to set up multiple analog interfaces to a single sound device

Pre note: Complete beginner talking here. I have been DJ'ing for a while, using a traktor s4 combined with traktor 2 software. Mixing is fun, but I like to do more with music. A while ago I decided ...
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Sound proofing of studio equipment

I want to build an acoustically isolated rack for some studio equipment, and would like advice on its design. I need to reduce the volume of the fans of the amplifiers. Their power dissipation are low,...
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What's the most cost effective way to build a foley pit?

Hey guys I'm looking to start building a decent sized foley pit for my studio and would love to hear from anyone who has done this before. I know it's mostly just squared off blocks of wood with ...
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blocking ultrasonic frequencies

Hey All, There's this ultrasonic motion detector in my room that the studio installed. Which is great at turning off my lights if I forget to and also great at ruining any chance of pitching the ...
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Working Standing Up

Hey Team Rocket, I, like the rest of us, spend a lot of time sitting. 8 hours at work, an hour to work on the bus, and an hour back. Plus at least 2 or 3 when I get home, working on personal ...
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