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How can I batch remove trailing silence from audio files

I'm working on a sample pack of small audio files. I create & record the samples into Ableton Live & for most of them that works fine as they are tied to the BPM, so I can just cut them to the ...
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ffmpeg silenceremove on 2 track audio

Is there any way to use silenceremove on file with 2 audio tracks, to trim silence only when the silence is on both audio tracks? File info: .mp4 with 2 stereo audio tracks(aac) I've already tried ...
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Understanding how ffmpeg's silenceremove filter correlates to Adobe Audition

I have a bunch of audio files (more than 4000) that I want to trim the leading and trailing silence from, that's where ffmpeg comes in. For instance in the image bellow, the command I'm using is $ ...
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Strip silence from voice recording

I want to remove or speed up small sections of silence in an audio recording, corresponding to the breaks between sentences and paragraphs. I have some audio files for a book that I need to listen to ...
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truncating silent parts of dialogue

Is there a way to throw out anything which is not speech? The track has only background noise, silence and speech. We need to isolate parts of an audio track that have speech. Speech is clearly ...
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Is Strip Silence availible in all versions of Pro Tools including MP & SE

I have a client who wishes to purchase an MP or SE version of Pro Tools to do basic scratch recordings at home. However due to here workflow it is critical that she has strip silence available to her. ...
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OSX audio editor with batch silence crop?

Hi guys, i'm seeking for an audio editor which allow to remove silence from beginning and end of a set of audio files... something like auto trim/crop of soundforge. I already use Logic Pro 9 'strip ...
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Useful ways of using Strip Silence

I was wondering if anyone here had any other useful ways they use Strip Silence in Pro Tools. Do any of you have useful ways to use Strip Silence other than taking out dead-space or ambience?
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