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Anything wrong with storing studio monitors right next to each other?

I have to take apart my studio equipment and store it elsewhere while some construction takes place in the studio. I wanted to ask whether there was anything wrong in storing my two Yamaha HS8 studio ...
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Sync projects with remote NAS

This question might not belong here, but it has to do with studio setup, and I'd like to know what other studios are doing for a syncing solution. I have a studio in town, which is about half an hour ...
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Micro Peli Case

Two questions, albeit related ones. I'm currently looking for some storage solutions for when I'm out and about: a small waterproof case for my binaural mics (Soundman OKM II) a case to store my ...
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Storing Microphones in Rycote Blimp with Lyre Suspension

I know it's not advisable to keep microphones in suspension systems that use rubber bands; the bands stretch and need to to replaced. But what about storing microphones in the Rycote Kits with the ...
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Project Archiving. Delete or not to delete?

When it comes to sound design and audio for film, I will not hesitate to admit that I define "rookie". My keyboard is shiny, and my headphone cable still coils properly! Curious to get feedback on ...
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How do below-freezing temperatures affect audio equipment?

I now have an attic to use for studio space. We've spent some time taping down noisy windows and sweeping and vacuuming, putting some pieces of carpet down, and we did some sound checks today. While ...
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Network storage for SFX?

Hi, here's the thing. We've got three editing stations(Mac Pro). At each of them there's a Soundminer V4Pro, we haven't got the server edition. Currenlty our database consists of over 1 TB SFX. They'...
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SFX RAID - Drobo or Sans Digital? Thoughts Welcome

I'm going to be the market soon to finally shift the SFX library to a RAID, and I'd love to hear some thoughts/personal usage regarding these two: Sans Digital TR4UTBPN (source: http://...
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Gobbler as a cloud backup service

Hi all, I've just recently come across an offsite / cloud backup solution called Gobbler. Basically, anyone can create a free account that comes with 25gb of storage space. The bundled application ...
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Using Sound Cloud or Google Music like Flickr?

I used to meticulously catalog and double back up my digital photos and scanned negative. I still keep all of the negatives in a binder, but my digital organization has fallen by the wayside. Why? ...
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Anybody using a laptop with an SSD as the main drive?

I'm thinking about swapping out my MBP 13" hard drive for a 128 GB SSD, in the hope that it will be more battery efficient. Do any of you have experience with these drives? How is the battery life? ...
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What solid state memory do you use?

I was wondering about what brands on memory people were using? I have always stuck to Sandisk Extreme III and have had no problems, but I have heard some horror stories and wondered what every one ...
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Preventing tangled mic cables

It seems like no matter how carefully I wind up my mic cables, the next time I get them out I'm fighting tangles and knots. And untangling mic cables is not one of my favorite things to do in front ...
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external harddrive for sample library storage -and- audio editing

hello, as my independent sample library keeps growing bigger and bigger, i'm running out of space and looking for a reliable storage solution. since a Macbook Pro is my main computer i'm after an ...
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Best way to format a drive for sound?

I have a Mac, but to ensure Windows/Mac compatibility, I have always used FAT32 to format and never had an issue - until now! FAT32 is limited to 4GB files, and while doing some file arranging last ...
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More reliable hard drives?

What have people found to be the most reliable brands of hard drives and hard drive enclosures, specifically for A/V work? (Note: Specifically looking at reliability of inexpensive 7200rpm drives, ...
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