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How to achieve a 3D sound effect with limited processing power?

I am working on a project where I need to use a geomagnetic sensor data to drive a prerecorded sound such that the sound effect creates an auditory illusion that the source of the sound is always ...
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Why not use more than 48kHz with HeSuVi

So I recently installed the HeSuVi app in preparation for the t50rp Mk3 headphones I've ordered (hoping that they'll sound good enough running directly from my Creative AE-5 sound-card and that I won'...
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is it possible to master a stereo source to work perfectly with pro logic

greetings fellow audio enthusiasts and experts, I was having a conversation with a friend and the following subject came up leading to this question. is it possible to master a stereo source ...
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Can you somehow get positional audio on stereo headphones?

How can you generate positional audio with a soundcard or some program for normal headphones? Virtual surround headphones have only one driver per ear, so they must process the information somehow to ...
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Will my film mixed in stereo 2.0 play in Dolby 5.1/ 7.0 theater?

My first short film was mixed as stereo, for quality and cost reasons. The first festival we have been accepted into states that sound must be Dolby 5.1 or 7.0. Will my film play in the theater in ...
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I need a good plugin for Stereo to 5.1

its been a while since I have visited the site. Been super busy, I am in need of a plugin to up mix stereo to 5.1. I am using Nuendo 5 and I basically have in the timeline stereo stories with really ...
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Can you run Altiverb7XL as anything but stereo in SoundMiner?

I'm using SoundMiner 4.3pro v88 and recently upgraded to Altiverb7 XL Can't seem to get it to run in quad \ 5.1 when using Soundminer Can it be done?? Thanks J
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DTS Neural Surround

I just came across this article (Atlanta Braves Radio in Surround): And checked out this link: http://www.dts....
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Stereo to surround mixing software advice [closed]

Is anyone out there familiar with stereo-to-surround (upmixing) software like Waves UM226 or TC Electronics Unwrap and the Broadcasters' (Discovery or National Geographic) acceptance/knowledge therein?...
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