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Where to go in L.A. for stealth crowd - WITHOUT MUSIC

I'm sitting outside Starbucks coffee here at Hollywood and Highland on a rare day off thinking I was going to get some good crowd walla with a couple of binaurals, stealth-like. But, there is one ...
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4 answers

Recording the riots in London

(borrowing some content from my previous post……) Political unrest and riots are somewhat rare - that's why it's important to record and preserve them. Although they can be violent and unnerving, ...
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What are your favorite in-ear binaural microphones?

What are your favorite in-ear binaural microphones? There's been some discussion about this earlier here and here, but not exactly in an in-ear or stealth context so I wanted to refresh the ...
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Microphone Disguising

I love the story Ren Klyce tells in his Soundworks profile for Benjamin Button about how one of the field recordists recorded ambiences inside retirement homes to capture completely natural and real ...
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In ear headphones for stealth street recording

Hi everybody I've been looking into getting a pair of good in ear headphones, preferably providing decent isolation. This is to use with handheld recorders, if possible to avoid people asking stuff ...
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