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3 answers

Beginning a new session!

I just finished recording a few sounds for a film that i am working on, for practice. I am working on nuendo 4. I wanted to know about the sample rate and the bit rate that i should use. 44/16 or 48/...
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3 answers

General Noob Quesions

Hello, A few of you might know me from posting about free/affordable Vst's the other day, and also thanks for anyone who responded to that! Anyways, I've been interested in making sound design the ...
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1 vote
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Starting from scratch.

Hey guys. I have been using Nuendo ever since i entered this field and now with time, i am moving to protools. This might sound a bit immature, but i have no idea about how to start up? Which imac/ ...
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Advice on my starter sound recording kit I have researched?

I've been doing a lot of research for my price bracket. I'm wanting to enjoy the summer recording lots of sounds and getting good at technique and editing. I want the sound quality to be good... Good ...
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Assembling my first recording package. What to buy?

Hi everyone, I'm just getting started in the SFX/Foley world and want to assemble my first kit to record in the field and on location. I know I'll need a mic and a portable recorder, but there are ...
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