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3 answers

Site Security/SPAM Question [closed]

NOTE: This isn't so much about spitballing about spam-prevention techniques - it's more of a question/plea specifically to Andrew: can we implement something on SSD? Just a quick question here, I'd ...
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2 answers

Social Sound Design RSS Feed

Does anyone know if it's possible to integrate the question feed from SSD homepage into my Igoogle home page? I was just thinking of making SSD my home page but if the above can be done that would be ...
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4 votes
5 answers

Perhaps SSD needs a chat space??

Don't get me wrong... I think the question format of this site is great, but sometimes I discover things (like this) which I'd like to share in a more conversational way. Also, how many comments have ...
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2 answers

Has anyone here replaced their MBP dvd drive with an SSD? I wanna run NI Komplete sans external HDD

So, I'm going away for a bit and want to take my laptop with me. Including my NI Komplete so that I can make music when/where I want to... I've been looking at getting an OCZ Vertex 3 250GB and ...
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1 vote
1 answer

site question | Dates of posts, why no years?

Just wondering why SSD doesn't show the year that a question or answer was posted. Sometimes I search, see the date for the replies and have no idea if its from this year or last year. Is it better to ...
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4 votes
12 answers

Social Sound Design Meetup?

I've been a member here for a little over a year and I've made some great friends so far. I live and work in Los Angeles.. I'm sure a lot of other people who frequent this site do, too... We can ...
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14 votes
8 answers

SSD App Needed?

Hey all, I know there has been multiple threads on having groups on Sound Cloud, Twitter, Poll Surveys, etc... But as SSD has been becoming more populated, I feel like there could be a pretty slick ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What solid state memory do you use?

I was wondering about what brands on memory people were using? I have always stuck to Sandisk Extreme III and have had no problems, but I have heard some horror stories and wondered what every one ...
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