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5 votes
3 answers

workflow: spotting with the client

Of course every project and every client is different, but I'd like to know what tools/techniques people use when spotting projects with clients? As a general definition here, lets define spotting as ...
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2 votes
6 answers

Spotting to timeline with blank regions before recording/editing sfx

Hi all Do you spot what and where to record on the timeline with fake blank regions, and then replace those blank regions while recording (if your recording foley) and with your edited sfx? Or do you ...
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1 vote
1 answer

SoundMiner Relink Spotting List files

I've been using SM spotting lists for a couple of years, creating folders with different categories of sounds that span across multiple databases. I've recently moved my SFX library to a new drive, ...
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2 answers

best workflow for videogame localization

Hi to all, what is the best workflow to prepare pro tools session for videogame localization recordings? I need to import and spot in one pro tools tracks a massive number of files. Thaey should be ...
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