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How are NBA games miked up?

It's NBA finals season and I'm analyzing the games trying to figure out the audio setup. It definitely sounds like there's a mic in the basket (I'm guessing in the hinge between hoop and board) and ...
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Human sport sounds and vocalisations

I'm working on a project at the moment that requires some human sport sounds such as tennis grunts, footballers calling to each other, heavy panting, those kind of things. Any sporting vocalizations ...
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A microphone for video streaming from a tennis court

Can some one Please advise on which microphone to use to record sound for live video streaming from a tennis court, both indoor courts and outdoor courts. And I will also appreciate any advise on ...
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Place Microphones for Live Sports Broadcasting

Hi everyone, Sorry for poor English presentation, firstly. I would like to know how to place microphones for live sports broadcast, like tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball and badminton. Are ...
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water resistant mic and recorder

I'm doing some equipment research for a friends surfing doco. I need a lapel mic and a recorder as small as possible to be sewn into a surfers rash vest. A waterproof lapel mic I've seen is the ...
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REQUEST: Downhill ski recordings

Hello all, I'm seeking recordings of Olympic-style downhill skiing. Everything from start & aways, passbys (slow/med/fast) and in & stops. Also, jump impacts. Anyone have material like this? ...
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Live sound at professional hockey games

Was wondering what kind of mics are used the get the sound of the hits, skates, sticks etc. for the live broadcasts of pro hockey games. Like a couple dynamic or condenser mics setup around the rink?
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Recording an ice hockey session

Hi there, Been following this site for a while, but first time I'm posting - great initiative & resource! I am looking into ways of recording an ice hockey session - basically not a real ice ...
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Tips for recording/designing ball kicks

I need a bunch of sounds of rugby balls being kicked. I need big, I need small, and everything in between. In the movie, the kicks always happen on the field outdoors. I have an idea as to how I ...
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