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Shockwaves: loudness or speed?

I got into figuring out decibels, and loudness measurements, and found the number 194dB as the boundary at which a sound starts distoring itself, namely creating vacuums which supposedly turn into ...
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when going nearly the speed of sound how fast does sound seem to go? [duplicate]

if one were to calculate the speed of incoming sound as one travels closer to the speed of sound what is the speed of the incoming sound for the observer?
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The Speed of Sound: Why does the sound of a car approaching lasts shorter than passing on?

Hello All, I have a perhaps strange question. First let me introduce it with an observation i made today during field recording. I just got back to my studio and I am listening to the recordings and ...
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What would sound sound like at the speed of sound?

Crazy title. This is out of interest sakes, and maybe a stupid question: Theoretically, if one where to travel at the speed of sound with no air/wind (not a vacuum as there would be no sound) what ...
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