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mp3 spectral analysis blue above 16 khz

the 128 aac file was a youtube rip.... trying to determine if the 224 vbr is better...I am assuming yes because of the blue above the 16 khz or could those just be artifacts?
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Should I spectral balance a voice with EQ?

After decades mixing live sound, I've plunged into audio books, and besides mouth clicks, balancing voice spectrally has emerged. The spectral view of the current voice recording looks normal up to ...
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Isolating "common" portion of multiple samples

So basically, what I am attempting to do is design an algorithm that can take some amount of samples (say 10-20) that all have a common sound playing in them, but each with different noise (some with ...
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How do you identify clicks and pops in a spectral analysis?

I'm not a music guy, but I do use Adobe Audition from time to time for noise removal from interviews. I'm working with some particularly bad audio digitized from old audio-graph recordings, which is a ...
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How lossless is my lossless music?

I have ripped an audio CD using iTunes and saved it in Apple Lossless format. I used Spek to draw a specrtogram and here is the result: My first question is, why doesn't it go all the way up to 22 ...
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Is it me or are GRM tools really expensive?

There are some pretty cool Things in here, but I feel like a lot of these do what Michael Norris spectral magic plug-ins do. They are free. I'm sure it is in no small part due to my very limited bag ...
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Making a sound bubbly

Hi, I'm looking for techniques (in Logic Pro) to take a smooth sound and make it sound bubbly. Things I've tried: Passing it through bubbles in logics "space designer" convolution reverb which hasn'...
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Favorite way to modify a voice

Without the spectral and timbral processing functions of Kyma, I'd like to figure out how to modify human voice. I'd love to get the spectral and timbral properties of a wolf and cross it with a man ...
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Spectral Cloning Plug-In for Mac?

Does anyone know of a spectral cloning plug-in similar to Elevayta's Clone Boy that is available for Mac? Trying to avoid using an AU wrap. Thanks!
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What are your favorite spectral tools?

What are your favorite software tools for spectral analysis/manipulation? And what do you use them for?
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