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What's the best way to make my practice room sound better?

I have a practice space in my garage (20' x 20'). It has a Cement floor that I have covered with a few area rugs. I have a drum set, bass, guitar, pa... Initially the drums sounded awful. Lots of ...
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representing objects in vertical aural space

What are some solutions for representing sound in aural space vertically? Assume that I don't want to put speakers on top of one another, that I would only have two speakers. Thanks!
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How do I create space in my mix (example provided)

It seems no matter what I try I cannot recreate or even get close to the mix I desire. A mix where all my sounds are clean yet full and have the depth I desire. Over the years I have used many ...
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Random sound duplication plugin

I am trying to find a plugin that will take a single mono sample and replay it many times at random volumes, frequencies, and locations within the stereo field (with the ability to control the ...
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How Did They Do That?? Vol. 6: Jetsons Spaceship sound

Anyone got any ideas on how they made the spaceship engine sounds in 'The Jetsons'? It can be heard here at 13s: I am ...
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Elements to make a rocket taking off sound

I'm designing my showreel and have chosen a clip from the film Apollo 13 where the rocket takes off. I'm wondering what sort of sounds I could use. I was thinking something synth based for the low end ...
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Sound vs. Space

Hi everyone! So, I've been reading this amazing book my Michel Chion, "Audiovision" in which the author considers that the time domain prevails in sound, most specifically within sound fragments, ...
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