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How do I loop a WAV file?

For Halloween I've done my front yard up in Pirate style. I have a couple of cannon that I've got the smoke & a red light working at 30 second intervals (too long going to cut it down to 20. My ...
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What VST do these kind of sounds come from?

Ok, I'm trying to keep this as specific as I can. I'm trying to write New Age-y music. Channels on YouTube like Yellow Brick Cinema (all their sounds) and Mike Rowland (his backing, not piano) and ...
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How do you describe a sound, and is there a systematical categorized index of sounds?

When I hear a sound, I have three ways to describe it: If it has a real source I just call it. (e.g. Piano sound) If I know the method to produce it(sawtooth osc to lp filter with cutoff linked to a ...
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Endangered Sounds: Which sounds will be gone in a few years?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could get me some hints on this topic: Which sounds will be gone in a few years and which sounds are already gone from our planet? (Erveryday life, not films) ...
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What is your favorite car sound?

I have been navigating the archives of SSD and noticed that a lot of people have posted queries about their favorite sounds from films. I am always fascinated with how we make these sounds and what ...
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How do would you create an "imitation" of a sound you've already created?

I was just listening to bunch of scenes on the website MovieClips, and while watching this Raptor scene from Jurassic Park III I got curious as to how they got that sound whether they actually made ...
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Strange sounds heard worldwide...any SSD comments? apparently this is a video compilation that has been floating around the net recently. Anyone out there get a decent recording? ...
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Searching for free downloadable Loop and Recording databases.

Anyone know of any? basically free beats etc but hopefully with some atmosphere recordings, like cities, crowds what have ya.. thanks in advance!
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A Living Sound Effect Library [closed]

I don't know if any of you have seen this but I just found it while looking up bird songs on youtube and I was pretty amazed.. Bird Songs Video Link
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7 answers

Car Sounds Creation

Hey, I have a question about how to make nice, thick, tough car sounds. I have some good recordings of car sounds and was wondering if there are any good techniques to beef them up and make them ...
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What kind of Mic? What Daw?

I would like to buy the equipment to start recording sound effects (doors creaking, wind, ...) and create a small library of sounds, to practice; I would like some advice on what are the most suitable ...
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