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I need help extracting instruments or finding a sounfont for the Yamaha PSR-280

I acquired a Yamaha PSR-280. It came with audio issues that I temporarily fixed but it then returned. I found out that It was a hardware flaw. Some chip kept loosening or something. This is when I got ...
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SFZ+MIDI to audio via command line

I am an algorithmic composer with a library of over one hundred .SFZ files. I have been generating a bunch of single-track MIDI files using midiutil in python, and then manually opening up Sforzando ...
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What program should I use to export a MIDI/SF2 to a WAV?

I'm trying to convert some music from a GBA ROM to WAV so I can use them. I've used this tool to rip the music. It's left me with some MIDI files and an SF2 file for the instruments. I'd like to ...
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Does anyone know how to convert dls files to sf2 ones?

I've found the Windows default soundfont, which has some really great sounds (like the lead from Porter Robinson's "Sad Machine") but it's in .dls format. Ableton's sampler can import .sf2 files, but ...
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Where is the default Windows 8 MIDI soundfont located?

I am trying to find the default soundfont that Windows 8 uses to play MIDI files so that I can have another program play them back and sound the same as Windows Media Player.
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Convert SFZ to SF2 soundfonts via command line

Is there a command line tool to convert sfz soundfonts to sf2 soundfonts? I know there is the polyphone app, but it doesn't seem to have a command line interface.
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Is it legal to use a soundfont

I'm making video game music and found out I can import the soundfont of a game that was made in the 90's and use some of the exact same instrument they made for the game. Is it legal to use these ...
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Can CSound or SuperCollider be used to make softsynths?

Can I use these two or something else to generate waveform of sound and then use it as soft synth or generate soundfont?
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