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10 votes
6 answers

How can I record frequencies from 0.1 to 20 Hz?

For my experiment I've recorded a sound during the day with my webcam microphone, and accelerated it 900 times, to hear whats going on there in the street at very low frequencies. Effects was ...
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Creating a Floating Sound-Proof (Sound-Isolation) Room

I am going to build a sound-booth, 100% for recording spoken-word vocals. My biggest concern is sound isolation from exterior noise. I live near many major source of public transportation and they all ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What are the sources of signal loss in cables and their connections?

What are the major sources of loss when sending a signal over cables? What is the impact of digital vs analog, cable material/length and the number and quality of cable connectors? Are there any ...
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Conditional math (intersection) to join two audio tracks

I do not want the difference. I want the intersection of frequencies. The problem: I have two audio files. One of the files (A) contains the vocals and drums. The other file (B) contains the vocals ...
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Professional looking for a post graduate course in sound design for film

I am Sid and I hail from India. I've been working in the bollywood film industry for a while now and want to now move out. I have about 12-15 major motion pictures under my belt for which I served as ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there a utility software to set a default sound output level for a number of MP3 tracks?

Some of the tracks in my MP3 collection have low output sound and this requires that I adjust volume level back and forth every time such a track plays and completes. Is there an application that I ...
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When your phone rings in your backpack why do you hear it?

I have heard people's cell phone go off when its in their backpack, but how does a soundwave travel through something that is completely zipped up?
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How to make somewhat similar radio sound effect from Battlestart Galactica?

I have videos with timing that presents the effect. I may assume that there is some kind of chorus or flanger effect existing there but maybe I'm wrong... And possibly there is multiple voices ...
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Home Studio Echo Problem

I've got a room 5x4x2,5 m set up for a Home Studio. Before it was a much larger room that I made smaller by using plasterboard with insulating material. Now in the room I've got some forniture on ...
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