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How to input noise values in dBFS for ffmpeg silence detect

I used the silencedetect of ffmpeg with noise value of -30dB to get the silent parts of a small video file & used those timestamps to trim(remove) & re-encode the silent parts of the video. I ...
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Pan laws for more than two channels

I found this great stuff that helped me understanding and implementing panning for two channels. Does it make sense to make panning for more than two channels (3, 4, 5, 7, or even 9)? What are ...
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Harmonics explanation in terms of physics

I am an audio engineering student. Can anybody explain what exactly harmonics is in terms of physics , not in terms of music?
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Why do we hear microphone raised voice instead of our low volume voice? [closed]

Where the real low volume sound goes(disappears) when you speak through microphone?I am meaning we are only hearing the increased voice by microphone through speaker for example in a auditorium. Why ...
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References on how to calculate directionality of sound?

Apologies for the possibly dumb question. I'm really new on this field. I don't really know enough to start articulating the problem more fluently. It's even possible this isn't even the right place ...
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The 'Sonic' Planck

I've been in a philosophical kind of mood as of late, and I've been pondering this question/concept for the past few days and I've love to hear others' thoughts and ideas on it. Not really a right or ...
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Interesting Sound Journals?

Hi all. Just had a look at a recent DesigningSound post which took me to Cinephile (Uni of British Colombia Film Journal). Had a look at their archives and theres an intereseting volume called Sound ...
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