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Script to find and convert stereo WAV's that are actually mono?

Hi I have a bunch of recordings in my library that are stereo WAV's but are actually mono. Is there a script or program for mac that would find and convert the WAV's to mono ?
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How long is too long for a library ambience?

I have a question about your preferences with regards to library recordings. I'm putting together a library of ambiences from recordings I made on a trip to New York. Most of the recordings have ...
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Multichannel soundeffects / different perspectives

I recently came across some independent sound library publishers offering "multichannel WAV files" for different mic perspectives of the same sound. Those are not traditional multichannel files (as ...
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Looking fo a Hummer H2 SFX Pack

So I am looking for a SFX pack/library specifically of a Hummer H2. If I could get access to the actual car (especially the one from the film but it was shot international) I would record it myself. ...
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Importing Digital Juice Sound FX IV metadata to Audiofinder

does anyone know if there is a text file for DJ's SFX IV? I want to be able to search the SFX in Audiofinder instead of the crappy Juicer 3 app. It's painful to keep having to run 2 search engines at ...
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Sound Library Usage for Freelancers

Hi everyone, I've seen other posts on sound library usage, but my question is more geared towards freelancers. If you're working as a freelance sound designer and get hired by a production company on ...
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SFX/Foley :Female/Woman Footsteps on different surfaces needed, which library?

Hi Everyone, I'm working on a whiteboard animation and I want the listener to follow the main character (a woman) walking around her office environment. I have some footsteps in my library but i've ...
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external harddrive for sample library storage -and- audio editing

hello, as my independent sample library keeps growing bigger and bigger, i'm running out of space and looking for a reliable storage solution. since a Macbook Pro is my main computer i'm after an ...
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Mastering sound effects and impulse responses

Hi! I'm hoping to produce both an impulse response library and a sound effects library for commercial distribution. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to master sound effects and impulse ...
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