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Human sport sounds and vocalisations

I'm working on a project at the moment that requires some human sport sounds such as tennis grunts, footballers calling to each other, heavy panting, those kind of things. Any sporting vocalizations ...
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Trying to find a particular sound from a synthesizer from this song

I hope this isn't marked as a duplicate question because there is another question very similar to this but the song is different. I have struggle for many weeks to find the exact sound from the ...
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How do I produce this sort of 3 D sound?

I recently came across this audio (please hear the audio only with ear-phone/head phones). As said in the audio, it uses cetera algorithm. What that algorithm actually does? How does it work? I didn't ...
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Good Outdoor GunTails libraries for Convolution use

I'm the Happy owner of the Guntales library from the Recordist and I had some experiment using these multi-miked recordings as impulse responses for multiple reverbs in parallel. This library focus on ...
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How to export an Apple sound to Cubase

I'm moving my projects from Logic Pro X to Cubase. For a midi track, I used an Apple sound (Infinity strings). I really need this sound and can't find anything similar in Cubase library (there must ...
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