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Questions tagged [sound-installations]

For questions related to professional sound system installations.

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Where should I spend money to improve installed sound system?

Which components in a sound installation are likely to have the greatest effect on sound quality? Is it speakers? The amp? Where would you throw your money? The room has a very high ceiling and seats ...
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Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD and SKP Podcast 200

I have a SKP Podcast 200 microphone that I plug directly in my laptop (P2 conector) to do some recordings. Recently, to improve the overall quality of my recordings, I bought a Behringer U-Phoria ...
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How to use extra bass speakers and get flat response?

We use full range JBL speakers (37Hz-20kHz) but we have also 2 extra JBL subs (37Hz-150Hz). Currently we use a high pass filter set at 150Hz on full range speakers and the rest goes to the subs. How ...
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Seamless looping on a media player / small ipod ?

Hey Folks, I'm helping an artist friend with an exhibition, where we need to be able to loop an audio seamlessly for 3 days. I would normally use Ableton live for this, but the nature of the space ...
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Courses for knowledge on Sound and Installation

Hi. I'm a multi-media artist who is passionate about integrating sound art. Self taught sound mixer. I'm getting more and more into sound art and would like some terms of what type of ...
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Sound Art/Installation

Hi guys, So, I'm in Edinburgh, a month into the masters programme, and I find that through all of the really fun stuff - playing with gear, sounds, and ideas - the idea of sound art installation has ...
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Sound Sculptures & Installations

I guess this might interest many of you guys so i put the link bellow!
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Sound design that cuts through crowd noise

I'm about to embark on a sound design project for an interactive piece that will be a public installation. It will always be surrounded by people in a large space (think a trade show floor or lounge-...
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What is the best setting for exhibiting sound art?

Most galleries and museums have concrete walls which cause a lot of reflection and standing waves. Most of the time a lot of effort is put into making a place look good, but does it also sound good? ...
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