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REBOOT: What makes you think YOU'RE a sound designer?

It has been 2 years since the last answer/comment on this thread. Time to restart the conversation and get some more answers to this VALID ON-TOPIC question… Although this thread has touched upon the ...
8 votes
3 answers

Why Are Professional Sound Libraries So Noisy?

I just started field recording about a year ago. I initially took a tech course on GameAudio, that's what initially sparked my interest. While in the class we were encourage to listen to and study ...
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1 answer

sound designers: Expectation vs reality? [closed]

Hello fellow sound designers, I would like to propose these questions to you all. I'm asking these questions because I am writing a report on sound designers in the industry. I'm hoping to find out ...
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3 answers

How Do I Progress in Sound?

I been reading this question: Where Do I Begin In Sound Design? and it got me to thinking not about 'starting' a career in sound but 'progressing', or more accurately, staying afloat in sound design? ...
6 votes
9 answers

Artist or technician?

I find this question on some forum, so I am interested what do you think. Is Sound designer artist or technician? Some say it should be added Psychologist?
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2 answers

Do you make your own impulse responses?

I'm not referring to actual rooms, i'm talking more about weirdness. I've been trying to use Skanner XT in reaktor (i mean, it can be any synth for that matter) to make some custom weird IRs. I'm ...
3 votes
2 answers

Picture editor- sound designer relationship/ workflow

I am a film editing student and I have never worked with a specialist sound designer before. I want to know about the relationship between a picture editor and a sound designer. In other words, I ...
5 votes
7 answers

If you could tell your picture editor anything...

...what would it be? I'm doing a talk to the South African Guild of Editors. I have a good idea of what I want to talk about, but I can only speak from my context. Hearing from other sound designers ...
7 votes
6 answers

Referring to Yourself as a "Sound Designer" When Starting Out

Hi All, A semantics question. I'm a couple of months and a large post-production project away from graduating from my film/sound program and trying to clean up my site/C.V./demo reel a bit in advance....
2 votes
9 answers

Where are editors on the chain of command?

I have my opinion on when the sound of a film should fade in and the film editor has a different idea on it. The director is unavailable at the moment and I wanted to know your guys' opinion on how ...