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What's the best way to make my practice room sound better?

I have a practice space in my garage (20' x 20'). It has a Cement floor that I have covered with a few area rugs. I have a drum set, bass, guitar, pa... Initially the drums sounded awful. Lots of ...
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Reduce bass through wall to neighbour

I like playing loud bass heavy music but I have some problems with a neighbour hearing much of the bass through the wall. I have painted a picture of the situation. The colors are indentified as: ...
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Sound proofing a small gap

I'm trying to place a small speaker (60mm x 60mm) in front of a microphone 30mm away with the space in between soundproofed and blocked. Does anyone know if rolling up a sheet of rubber (5mm-10mm ...
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Noise Reduction - Sound Proofing On Windows

EDIT Hey all, I'm looking for a way to block out excessive ambient traffic noise from a window in the below room. Preferably, with the use of multiple layers of black out curtains or some real thick ...
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Sound insulation

What can you guys suggest for cheap sound insulation? I do a lot of mixing in my room and hope to be recording some spot FX.My room is small and hard walled. All the best Daniel
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sE Electronics Reflexion to improve field recording

Today, while in the shower, I was thinking about all the things I could record in my own home with my h4n (thanks largely to the inspiration from the Sounds of Star Wars book, which EVERYONE who's ...
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