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Manufacturing the Sound of Water

i'm working on a piece of music/sound art in which i'm creating an artificial soundscape. my next task is to recreate the sound of running water and i'm having trouble coming up with things to record ...
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Sound Frequency and Healing

I was wondering if anyone new about the phenomenon of frequency and brain healing. I got a call from someone who is doing an art installation and wants to use the frequency or frequencies which could ...
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Field Recordings on vinyl [closed]

So I just picked up a record at my local record shop called "Environments." It was recorded by field recordist Irving Solomon Teible. I came to find out that this was a whole series(11 to be exact). I ...
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Seamless looping on a media player / small ipod ?

Hey Folks, I'm helping an artist friend with an exhibition, where we need to be able to loop an audio seamlessly for 3 days. I would normally use Ableton live for this, but the nature of the space ...
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UK Sonic Art / Electronic Music Festivals

Sorry if this is a little off topic... Does anyone in the UK know of or attend any Sonic Art and/or Electronic music festivals? I've heard of a few myself but am looking to experience more. I know ...
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Language Design/Conlang in Sound Art: Do you know any examples?

Hi, I'm going to do a project of language design, that is the creation of an artificial language like it happens, for example, for the aliens of some sc-fi movies. (Famous examples are the aliens in ...
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Sound Art/Installation

Hi guys, So, I'm in Edinburgh, a month into the masters programme, and I find that through all of the really fun stuff - playing with gear, sounds, and ideas - the idea of sound art installation has ...
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What is the best setting for exhibiting sound art?

Most galleries and museums have concrete walls which cause a lot of reflection and standing waves. Most of the time a lot of effort is put into making a place look good, but does it also sound good? ...
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