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0 answers

Power won't turn on on my Sony Linear PCM recorder Model PCM-D50

I purchased the Sony PCM D50 recorder in 2009 and first used it on a trip through Blues country in Louisiana with a reporter. I stored it away after a year. I pulled it out of my electronics box this ...
1 vote
2 answers

Has anyone used the Core Sound Mic2496?

My current setup is not as portable as I would like. I'm looking to put together a very portable kit for field recording. However, I'd rather not compromise too much on quality for portability. I'm ...
1 vote
7 answers

Sony PCM D50 vs PCM M10 ( internal mics)

Is the PCM D50 really woth twice the price compared with the M10? I want them for recording ambiences, birds, waterfalls, animals... Is there such a big diference with the internal mics or not (...
0 votes
13 answers

Sony PCM D50 vs Marantz Pmd661 (internalmics and optical options )

Can anybody tell me how they sound? D50 seems to be the best… not much said about the 661. I wanted to record quiet ambient atmospheres. How many channels does the Optical in take? 1 or 2? ...
0 votes
6 answers

Best contact mics with Sony PCM d50

Is anybody using contact mics with a Sony PCM d50? Any suggestions that are very affordable? I want to record inner workings of laptops and other electronic devices. Cheers!
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1 answer

Should I sell my D50 to buy the new Zoom H6?

What do you guys think - should I sell my D50 to buy the new Zoom H6? Im a student so I dont have much money, and Ive read that the H6 preamps were OK. Anybody can confirm? Thing is, I love my D50 ...
4 votes
10 answers

replacing a zoom h4n with sony PCM D50

i'd like to upgrade from my h4n and was thinking about purchasing the d50. unfortunately have to option to rent one and compare the recordings. basically my question is whether a d50 will be a ...
1 vote
3 answers

What to record in Dubai?

I'm visiting Dubai for a vacation next week and want to also do a little field recording. Has anyone any suggestions of good places to record, interesting markets etc. I'm intending to go to the top ...
2 votes
2 answers

Recording quiet sounds (like birdsong) with Sony D50

Hi there,I was wondering what tips anyone would have for recording a dawn chorus with Sony D50. I'm in 44/24bit mode and there is a bit of preamp sound(?) when you push the gain above 4/5 (as @scaudio ...
0 votes
1 answer

Sony D50 internal mics for new Recordist

Hi, I am new to recording. I have bought a Sony d50 to record voices and ambient sounds as well as to hook it up to a parabola for distant pinpoint sound recording to for a stills photographic project....
7 votes
7 answers

Recording "Blind"

Just a thought that occurred to me the other day while I was out with my PCM-D50. I always have my recorder with me just in case some sonic delight rears it head, but I don't always have headphones ...
2 votes
5 answers

Need to ask something about Sony PCM-50

I am thinking of buying one Sony PCM-50 for capturing sounds i am going to use in a video game. And cause i am tight on budget i d like to ask if i can connect external directional mics on this ...