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Public domain children's songs

I am making videos and podcasts for children, want songs in the episodes, and have no budget for a musician or to buy copyrighted music. My preferred alternative is to use melodies from children's ...
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flstudio - How to not play sound on placing a note in piano roll?

I just got flstudio and I'm new to it, so I started creating music and I experienced very annoying thing. When I place a note in piano roll, or when I move a note from one place to another, a sound (...
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How to electronically make a song follow a metronome?

I know very little about sound engineering so forgive my ignorance. I was wondering if it is possible, with some free software, to take a song that hasn't been recorded with metronome (id est, its ...
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Reading emotions from a song

first of all, I really hope I'm in the right place, secondly, I know this is a difficult topic and many have tried figuring it out but can't find anything specific yet, so, here it goes: From what I ...
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Why would different releases of the same song sometimes be out-of-sync?

You can have a song that was released on an artist album, and the same song released as a single (I'm talking about CDs in this example). These different versions of the same song can differ in ...
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Why is poizone's sound altered in Fl studio after saving?

I use poizone plugin in my song. My problem is that when I play song in FL studio it sounds amazing, but after saving song in my computer it changes only the poizone's sound.. In FL studio the sound ...
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Qualities of headset microphone for singing

I have actually two (closely related) question, please tell me if it were better to split the question into two. I plan to give life performances some time in the future, not really professional ...
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Should one use pop filters for recording vocals?

is it advisable to use pop filters to avoid blows for recording vocals? or should we place the mic a bit off from the mouth though it might lead to loss of high frequencies since they are directional? ...
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How do you record someone whistling?

I had to record someone whistling for a sound effect on a film I worked on recently. That was really hard to record. I tried different mics... About 10 of them... I finally ended up with a C12 ...
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