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Questions tagged [software]

Software is used in digital computer systems - Hardware is a physical electronic device. I.e. You can have software installed on hardware. Use to indicate a preference for a software solution, i.e. computer-based.

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6 votes
16 answers

Sound off on Noise Reduction!

So, folks, what's the dirt on contemporary noise reduction for things like hiss, hum, and background drone noise? Are folks still using DINR, third-party plug-ins, artful gating? My two cents is ...
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28 answers

Which DAW do you use? [closed]

I'm just wondering, which DAW or software is the best and cheapest for designing sound. I'm working in a studio, and we use Steinberg Nuendo on a PC. It's quite good and comfortable software. You can ...
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3 answers

How are your Quickeys workflows?

Hi I think that Quickeys is a great tool to speed up the workflow in Protools: it fill some hole in PT keycommand and some more. If you use it, how? which are your preferred shortcuts and macros? ...
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24 votes
41 answers

What is your software secret weapon?

Not so secret if you share! And how do you use it? -=- I LOVE Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch. I used to run it in my Windows XP days, but when I switched to an Intel Mac, there wasn't a working ...
14 votes
8 answers

Free batch conversion from FLAC to Apple Lossless (ALAC)?

I am looking for a free tool that would allow me to convert large amounts of FLAC files to ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) while preserving the meta information and optionally adding new information ...
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17 answers

A trip down your DAW memory lane

This could lead to some very long posts, but here goes anyways... I got into a conversation with the guys at work about the old DAWs they used to use, what's changed, what they miss, and what's ...
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6 answers

Pro Tools vs Logic...

Hi all, I am looking for a little bit of advice on DAWs. I am Mac-based and have exclusively used Logic Studio for my work which, so far, I have found to be sufficient. But I am beginning to wonder ...
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10 answers

What audio editor are you using?

After reading Jack Menhorn's review of Sound Forge Pro Mac on Designing Sound, I thought it'd be interesting to see who's using what in terms of audio editors. What editor do you use? What are it's ...
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3 votes
2 answers

USB Microphone or Software which eliminates background noise

I live in an apartment next to a main road. As a result there are a lot of vehicles passing every minute. This leads to a lot of background noise(not consistent background noise like ambulance siren, ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Any free software to make speech sound different without making it "robotic"? [closed]

My boss doesn't really want my, or any coworkers, voice on our videos. Instead of waiting to have his wife record the audio I'm looking for more practical solutions. Is there any free software out ...
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1 answer

Denoising studio induced noise and noise due to poor recording

Background Cassette tapes of speeches have been made in 2000 in locations which are not studio like environs for recording (i.e. contain various sources of noise such as fans, folks moving about, ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Recognition of timing information by sound device

Let's say I am using DAW soft with MIDI keyboard. When I start real time recording mode and press the key, then the timing and velocity information is recorded to some file or memory. Another ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Player with great timer display

What free software can you recommend that offers great control over the timer display? I'm working as a transcriber and I need to often pause the interview and go back at a certain point in time. ...
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Sound spatialisation tool. Would this be useful?

Hi, I have recently prototyped a sound spatialisation tool using max/msp as part of a university project. It allows you to load a sound and animate it in a virtual 3d space to add doppler shift, ...
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