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Hey Guys Girls, so who Tweets here? [closed]

Was wondering who tweets here, I have been trying to follow people in my industry. Twitter took me a little time to actually see a need/benefit but i feel it does have both. So what your thoughts? ...
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0 answers

LA Sound Group June '12

For all you LA SSD'ers (or those visiting town), the LA Sound Group is having a meeting on Thursday 6/28 with guest speaker Ann Scibelli. You may recognize her from her appearances on designingsound....
2 votes
6 answers

So, what do we do when we don't want to ask questions?

First off, lemme just say, I'm totally in love with this site -- if one can have romantic feelings toward a few hundred-thousand characters of php, that is. But, sometimes I feel like all this Q&...
4 votes
14 answers

Where's Wilhelm?

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again: I kind of hate the Wilhelm Scream. It's overused, to the point that people with absolutely no knowledge of who Ben Burtt is can recognize it -- ...
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6 answers

How do you thank somebody for letting you record their stuff?

This question may seem rather stupid, but I wonder how do you thank people for letting you record at their place or their stuff. Some days ago I came by a local scrapeyard and asked the guy in charge ...
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5 answers

Are you on Facebook

Hi guys and girls, This is not really a question... Who is using Facebook here? My profile is