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9 answers

Waterproofing XLR connections?

Hi everyone, I just got home from a wild show up in Canada which was outdoors. The day before the show, they had their worst blizzard in the past 5 years, all while I was setting up my PA and FOH ...
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10 answers

Sound Effect, Footsteps in Snow

How would you make the footsteps in snow sound either via synthesis or recording/sampling? I would prefer the latter.
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1 vote
2 answers

REQUEST: Downhill ski recordings

Hello all, I'm seeking recordings of Olympic-style downhill skiing. Everything from start & aways, passbys (slow/med/fast) and in & stops. Also, jump impacts. Anyone have material like this? ...
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How do I record snow-based foley without real snow?

At the time of recording, conditions were so severe on set that recording on-set foley was out of the question, much less getting clean dialog. Lo and behold, it's now May, all the snow is gone, and ...
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