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Why is this waveform popping? Is it because of my speakers?

I am editing this audio clip and I hear a pop at this location. It might have been cut here, but I am not sure. But regardless of that, I am curious to know whether it looks to you that a pop should ...
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What is the true definition for the length of a pulse (impulse-type sounds)?

What defines the length of a pulse (impulse-type sounds)? i.e. snaps, pops, crackles, bangs, bumps, and rattles. The following 4 pulses are all white noise sustained for 37 ms, but each pulse has a ...
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How do I eliminate occasional loud pops from my studio monitors?

The background: I just purchased and installed my first studio monitors and connected them to my audio interface. I had to buy separate RCA(f)–1/4”(m) adapters, since the cable included with my ...
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Cracking and pop when ipad plugged in to piano line in

I been trying to plug my ipad into line-in of my digital piano, and it works fine. Until I try to charge the ipad, as soon as I plug in the ipad I get a lot of hissing and cracking and pop. What could ...
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Having issues with a Pop and a Hiss

I put this video together to help demonstrate my problem: I forgot to mention in the video, but my entire rig runs through a Monster Pro Power 2500.
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Removal of Pops From Old Optical Tracks

I'm cleaning old optical tracks that have varying amounts of pops. The pops could have resulted from splices or dust on the print. What are the best Pro Tools plug-ins to remove this type of ...
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Snap, Crackle, and Pop (Making Glitches)

So, along with my newfound interest in granular synthesis, I've also been getting really into glitch-beats and IDM. My new thought is to find a way to convolve the two. I'm currently working on ...
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