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How are frames dropped in 59.94 fps drop-frame timecode? [closed]

The pattern for dropping frames in 29.97 drop-frame SMPTE timecode is well documented (2 frames at every minute except when minute is a multiple of 10). I was wondering how it works with 59.94 fps ...
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Bit OT: Looking for a multi-track player that can chase SMPTE or MTC

If this is too off-topic here I can move it, maybe to Video Production? I'm looking for a device or Mac/PC app that can play six audio tracks (WAV preferred) in sync with incoming SMPTE or Midi ...
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3 answers

Differences between Interop DCP and SMPTE DCP

Hi, right now I'm writing on my thesis and I try to find out the main differences between the Interop- and SMPTE-DCP specifications regarding the amount of audio-channels that are available. The ...
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How many samples are in a frame?

I'm trying to find out the number of samples in one frame of SMPTE, does anybody know?
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