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How can I make my vocals stand out in the drop without ducking the instrumentals? FL Studio

I'm pretty excited about my new track, but first I better figure out how to make the vocal chops in my drop stop making the instrumental sounds duck (especially the melody synth). You can really hear ...
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Ableton sidechain track to EQ band gain?

I'm curious how I can utilize a track with kicks to duck a specific frequency band in my main track. I can split the main track with Multiband Dynamics, and duck the middle band, but is there any way ...
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Send "Audio To" MIDI Track (or its single channels) in ableton

I'm trying to understand the different routing logics present in Ableton Live. My goal is to route a Drum audio track to the side-chain external input of a compressor vst, whom effects a MIDI track ...
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Side chaining noise gate

I'm trying to understand side chains and I think I have figured out a useful situation where to use it, ideally I'd like some one to confirm if this an appropriate use or at least, I've understood the ...
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Solo a track with a gate sidechained to a grouped track?

Assuming I have two tracks, Track A and Track B, where Track A is a group of tracks, how do I solo Track B if it has a Gate effect with a sidechain that targets Track A? An example of this situation ...
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Setting up side-chain compression in Sonar

I want to configure side-chain compression in Sonar LE, but I don't know how to do it. I have two tracks: a voiceover and music. I want the music to duck while the voiceover is talking. I can ...
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A Feedback Compressor

I was perusing website a few days ago and ran across the routing/bussing schematics for a "feedback compressor." Now I can't find the page and I'm wondering what exactly a "feedback compressor" is? ...
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What is side chain compression?

I've heard mention of side chaining or side chain compression in reference to electronic music (specifically Daft Punk). What is it?
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