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Pro tools 10 crossfade shortcut

When I use this shortcut - Ctrl+Start+F (uses last selected fade shape) it actually always does the normal crossfade instead of the last used crossfade (the one with steep curves). Is that a bug or is ...
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Quickening Your Workflow

I'm sure there are many of you who are power users of your particular sets of software, but I would love to hear about additional steps you take to speed up your workflow, whatever your work happens ...
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Nuendo Shortcut Question

In Pro Tools, you have the ability to drop a high-lit regions' selected duration down to the next track by pressing the ; key. This moves the selected duration that matches the region you had ...
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Switching plug in automation lanes shortcut in Pro Tools

I'm currently working on a dialogue reel and using the Trim plugin gain automation to level out the dialogue a bit (no PT10 yet! Still on v9). I kinda like the way you can toggle from the Waveform ...
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PT Question: Is there a key-command for switching Automation Modes?

Hi All, Quick question, is there a short cut/key command for changing the Automation Mode in PT9? I was hoping to find it in the reference guide etc. but i can't find it. Hopefully this hasn't been ...
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Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts Macro'd to a Gaming Keyboard

I use a Razer Arctosa which I was thinking of selling, but later changed my mind after thinking of using the macro capabilities for PT. I'm fairly new to PT and not very familiar with a lot of the ...
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